Sunday, 23 April 2017

Louzaya Kouza in her first five years in parliament tried her best both in government and opposition ranks.


MANY times we write and talk about negative side of our leaders and parliamentarians and say nothing or less is mentioned about their good qualities and credentials. As the saying goes, all good efforts be thrown down the drain with very few negative and damaging words.

We turned to promote more bad side of our good leaders, depleting their potential to enlist the common good of the society and downplaying our readiness to appreciate the good things that come.

In this article, let me choose to make few comments about one of the three female parliamentarians Honourable Louzaya Kouza, Lae Open under Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party of her good qualities being displayed in parliament for the last 5 years. 

Although she may have been faced with ups and downs, she stood tall against all odds to contribute positively to the growth of PNG. 
Amongst many other things she did for PNG, the following are some of her good work and her qualities comparably to her other colleagues within the Government ranks and Opposition.

1) She stayed committed to the party she join during her political career. Many critics will argue that it is too early to comment of her faithfulness to her THE party. But at the time when most MPs would decide whether to pursue nobility and integrity or for self interest and money, she decided to shoulder nobility and integrity. (while some of her colleagues stayed back with the PNC-led govt, she joined the party leader Don Polye to break away from the govt). This move indicates some level of commitment and staying focus in representing people for their interest which many PNG politicians lack and usually move around from one party to the next chasing after money.

2) She managed a crisis in her prime time of leadership role. When she was appointed as the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports in the O'Neill-Dion Govt - it was not so easy to start with, as a person she was faced with issues challenging and testing her leading skills. On the first day to start in her new office, she was tabled with the issue of tussling between Anna Solomon and Joseph Klapat of the department secretary position. At the same time, her husband was a headache on family issues at home. One could image how things would be when going to work each day to meet issues and coming home each day to face issues. In both situations, she made decisions with the interest of the people she represented at first. 

3. One of the primary roles of parliamentarians is to debate with the issues of national interest in the floor of parliament and she stood out tall amongst her male colleagues in the male-dominated parliament on this. She raised very important issues of national interest in a well presented and acceptable approach. On this note, she is one of the MPs need should bet on for transparency, accountability and fighting corruption.

4. I have am too sure about what she does in Lae Open district for her voters but on a national scale, she is a good performer with my own personal assessment. I do not vote in Lae Open but this is meant to be a fair comment to recognize her five year's public life. Comparably with other MPs, she had come out well in both govt and opposition ranks.

Having said this, a measure of a politician should 'not only' be against the service delivery in his or her district but must also take a fair look at performance at the national level. PNG need leaders to think, participate, talk and act on a national scale in a global community. 




  1. She deserves a second term voters of Lae Open..

  2. Yes she truly deserves. She tried her very best to serve! Its up to Lae Open voters now!

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