Friday, 31 March 2017

MP Mangape warns gap between the poor and rich widens

THE gap between the rich and the poor widens if citizens do not vote for better leaders this election, warns Laigap-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape.

Speaking to thousands of people gathered today (Friday 31/03/17) at the National park in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province, Mr Mangape said when the Writs were opened on April 20, the sitting MPs, including himself, would become an ordinary citizen.

“We will no longer be an MP. It is now or never. The ball is in your (people’s) court to decide your destiny,” he said. He said inflation would tighten its grip on the citizens, pushing them to the edge of poverty.

He further said the signs and symptoms of the country’s sliding economy were obvious. Mangape called on them to vote in better leaders to avoid adverse implications looming as a result of the government-induced cash-flow crisis in the country.

He cited that a one-way airfare for a passenger from Port Moresby to Goroka now costing K500 would be inflated in the months ahead. It is now time to change the country’s leadership, he said.
Mangape said everyone had a duty for the betterment of the country, urging them to play their part whilst his does his to achieve the common objective.

He is the deputy THE party leader responsible for the Highlands region.

Mangape speaking to a crowd edited. Image Credit: Media Unit - PNG Opposition / 2017.

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