Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"Be wary of 'fly-in fly-out' candidates in the 2017 general election," parliamentarian told voters

A parliamentary has warned the people of Karamui-Nomane that they should be wary of ‘fly-in fly-out candidates’ plotting to buy their votes with cash in this year’s election.

Opposition stalwart and Lagaip-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape said these candidates did not stay back with the people through thick and thin, adding they only wanted to buy their votes during elections.

“I turned down a monetary offer from the government to defect from the Opposition. I am wealthy. I do not need such an offer. I was elected into Parliament primarily to deliver much-needed services to the people,” said Mr Mangape on Saturday (March 18) when speaking to a crowd in Karamui station, Chimbu province.

He said the electorate and his district shared similar features, especially remoteness and lack of basic services.

Mangape stated that this election was crucial for them to elect servant and service-oriented leader and not those obsessed with DSIP and PSIP funds.

It was regrettable, he said, for their MP who is in government yet failing to deliver services to his people. 

“When we were in government, I kept delivering a couple bridges and roads to connect more than ten thousand people in my district until I joined the Opposition in 2014,” he told them.

He said there should be no excuse for those in government neglecting their people with basic goods and services.

Opposition Leader Don Polye and Mangape touched down at Karamui station to a reception fitting for a chief.

Traditional headdress each (made of cassowary hair) was put on their heads to signify them as their chiefs.

PNG Opposition Government stalwart and Lagaip-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape addressing the Karamui-Nomane voters in Sumbu Province.
Image Credit. Media Unit / PNG Opposition Government, 2017.

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