Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Important amendments to the Integrity of Political Parties Law have been ignored by Peter O'Neill for the last 3 years.


The Registrar Dr Gelu has been calling for the revised organic law on Integrity of political parties to be passed by parliament for the past three years now.
Before every sitting of parliament Dr Gelu comes out on the media to catch the attention of the government and the MPs to have this bill passed.

In the past we don't have registrars calling out in the public media to catch the MPs attention, they visit the Prime Minister's Office to discuss the matter.
The PM who will then ask the leader of the government business to have the matter listed on the notice paper for parliament to deliberate upon in it's next sitting.
It has been ignored for the past three years, has anybody wondered why the government is avoiding such an important amendment?

I for one support this amendment and as a political head of a registered political party, I see that all political parties are still short being institutionalized.

This amendment will see many political parties becoming institutions instead of being hijacked by politicians or executives leaving party supporters outside the loop.
What is Peter O'Neill who is the parliamentary leader of PNC scared of? Bring it on and let's get it passed.

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