Friday, 27 January 2017

PNG Opposition 'indicates' concern over 2017 election rigging - Printing of ballot papers offshore is highly questionable.


PNG's Opposition Leader Don Polye today on Friday, 27 January 2017 issued a challenge to his rival candidates and parties that he will record his fifth victory over his Kandep seat on primary votes again this election. 

Mr Polye threw down the gauntlet on his political opponents during Grievance Debate in Parliament.

He said he was aggrieved when the Prime Minister and his few other ministers sarcastically underestimated his elections on primary votes.
“I have been tested again and again but I have stood tall. In 2017, even if those ballot papers produced in Indonesia are brought into Kandep, I will still come back on primary votes again.

“I am speaking to the country that there should be no rigging taking place and that we must be fairly and freely elected. Let us do it in a just and democratic fashion. I would like the Prime Minister not to continue to say this cheap politics. I know you (Prime Minister) won the last election on primary votes but only at once. You were not elected like me as I have won three consecutive elections on PRIMARY VOTES.   I have never stopped candidates from disputing my elections but, Prime Minister, you have done that,” he said.

Polye added that PNG was a country which recorded the highest election petitions in the region.
“However, on record my case is not the one of which me causing problem to the Kandep Electorate.

“All the election petitions, which I have been battling since I was elected into office in 2002, are for nothing. It is not for something fishy which I have ever done. I want to let this honourable House, the people of PNG and even the judges to know about it,” an aggrieved Polye told Parliament.
He cited two main reasons why Kandep election matters have been in the courts all the time.
“Firstly, sabotage in the electoral process caused by other candidates. Secondly, errors and omissions caused consequently by the electoral officers who conducted the elections.

“The laws are such that if the courts find that there are omissions and errors (whether there is sabotage or not), you will still go to the By-Elections. What has happened in my case is that in 2009 I did end up in a By-Election. I accepted the ruling declaring my election victory then null and void. I allowed my people to prove to the court and the rest of the country that I was their favorite son when I won again on primary votes but by this time I got 3000 extra votes. I won by huge margins with 15,000 to 20,000 votes difference. In 2012 General Elections I recorded three consecutive election victories on primary votes alone,” he said.

Polye said he had always stood tall as a genuine and democratically-elected leader, adding he was not swayed by the petitions.

“My rival candidates have the right to challenge me. I have not gone out bribing them to drop their election petitions. I know the Prime Minister and many others in the government are aware or know that they have lured my rival candidates that you will give them this job and that amount of money so go and unseat Don Polye.
Polye said he even won the recent court-ordered recount.


Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP


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