Monday, 16 January 2017

Notice of 2017 Intending Candidate for Wewak Open - Dominic Sengi's candidate profile

Candidate Profile.
Name: Dominic Navue Sengi (niaka)
Current Job: Administrator, "Sepik Rising from Wewak"
Last Job: Senior Foreign Service Officer, Dept. of Foreign Affairs of PNG.
Professional Degree: Bachelor of Journalism, with majors in Political Science & International Relations
Date of Birth: 20 July 1963
Marital Status: Married, One Wife husband.

Notable Career Achievements: (only 3 major contributions to name, among many others)
1. Caused PNG state to accede to the UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), subsequently, brought about the establishment of the PNG Copyrights Act, PNG Patent & Industrial Design Act and the setting up of the PNG Intellectual Property Office currently under the ambit of the PNG Investment Promotion Authority.

2. As Director, Special Projects Branch, of Foreign Affairs of PNG, I team-led the production of PNGs First-ever National Security Policy, aligning PNG Foreign Policy with Pillar Four - Security and International Relations - of the PNG Vision 2050.

3. In 1995/96, I turned my international relations knowledge into diplomatic activism when I defended the lost Hagahai tribe of Madang whose blood was found a unique virus with immense commercial value and was patented by US scientist. I turned my journalistic pen to pressure the US Congress to convene a special session to change their medical anthropological study behavior in unsuspecting third world study subjects, Hagahais being the case.

It was also my writing that sent a sitting East Sepik Premier into jail, his government suspended, resulting in the burning down of the Sepik Administration building in an effort to conceal and eliminate all evidence of corruption.This is the warrior instinct I possess and one the Wewak and Sepik people need at this juncture in our national and provincial life for political leadership competition.
My village: Huanggen/Walanduom in the Boiken-Yangoru dialect of the Westcoast of Wewak. Banak to be precise.

My paternal linkage has ancestral connections with Simah, and Sapuain in Yangoru, including the Yobuk Jamah genealogy of Woginara, which also had branched to include the Magopins, etc.
Iam also of Wautogik (Mountain Arapesh), maternal descent, of the Rahiria-Musuruo lineage of the Abahinem-Krapohim clan. This lineage has strong links to the Kubrens, Yiminip-Womawia of Woginara and Kotai etc.

I am ready!

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