Thursday, 1 September 2016

UPNG Student's reconciliation scheduled to finalize today at Waigani Campus

IN contrary of the statements issued by acting chancellor Dr. Nicholas Mann last week that the reconciliation will be amongst the students themselves, today's reconciliation program indicates that the symbolic gesture of the reconciliation will between the university administration and the students.  

In the program outline, the University of Papua New Guinea Vice Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam will shake hands with a student representative from the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) body, a student body not directly involved with the unrest.

The student body that took the lead in the June unrest is the Student Representative Council (SRC) which is established under the university by-laws and operates with funding from portion of the student's tuition fees.  
SRC is separate from TSCF.

A student from the university campus told PNG Online media that none of the students effected in the unrest will take part in the reconciliation program. The student who wants to remain anonymous said student leaders who were terminated are the ones to take lead in the reconciliation, however, instead they have been removed and some others will take the lead whom have not been affected by the unrest.   

He said, "majority of the students will not attend this program because it is being forced. Also the student leaders who should be leading for the reconciliation have been terminated so there is currently no student representative. I think what they are doing is not for us students but a church serve for themselves."

Professor Albert Mellam in dialogue with a student leader earlier this year on student issues at the Waigani Campus.
Forum Square today at UPNG. Photo shows not many unattended with empty chars.
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