Sunday, 18 September 2016

Twelve (12) Enga students leave Port Moresby for Israel to take up studies in agricultural skills


THE Governor for Enga, Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas, KBE GCL farewell the 12 pioneering Enga Students who will be undertaking 3 months of Intensive Agriculture Training in Israel at a small but very significant ceremony in Port Moresby today.

This training is a component of the EPG Israeli Partnership in developing a Nucleus Agricultural Project in Sirunki to promote the growth and investment in the Agriculture sector in the Enga Province where 12 students from Enga will attend the program annually.

The students today were issued travel gears, travel documents and also signed a Code of Conduct and Training Agreements in the presence of Sir Peter Ipatas and Ms. Gallit Tamir of IAI Limited, the Israeli partner in the project.

Upon completion of the training, the students will return to Surunki to work as extension officers providing technical support to the 350 local households that will be engaged to develop nucleus farms to support the Surunki project initially. The number of households is expected to grow as the facility expands.

In his farewell speech, Sir Peter urged the students to use the opportunity to study hard and learn well so that they can return to serve their people, province and country.

Sir Peter advised the students that the province was investing in the agriculture sector as the vehicle to drive economic development, create wealth and empower our rural people. He challenged the students as pioneers to not only learn well but to be good ambassadors of our province and country.

A big thank you to the many development partners and corporate entities that assisted in Cash and Kind in supporting the students travel to Israel;

1. The Innovative Agro Industry Limited;
2. The EPG through the The Enga Children's Fund Trust;
3. The Israeli Government and Embassy in Canberra;
4. Mapai Transport Limited.
5. SP Brewery Limited
6. Oil Search Limited
7. Dunlop (PNG) Limited
8. CPL Group of Companies
9. B Mobile Vodafone
10. Waterfront Homewares
11. Wantok Retailers
12. Digicel (PNG) Limited

Photographs of students signing their agreements before departing for Israel.

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