Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The O'Neill-Dion Government delivered major infrastructural services, notably building Mt. Hagen as the business center for the highlands region


THE Somare government was running or surplus budget for 10 years with a K10 billion each year. That is a total of K100 billion. Don Polye was the deputy prime minister at the time. What happened to all those money? Where did they spend it.

In 2013, the O'Neill government passed a record budget of K15 billion for the year 2014 because of the need for the Pacific Games infrastructure. The decision to bring the Pacific Games here in PNG was the decision of the then Somare government. They didn't do anything about it. The O'Neill government was forced to carry on that responsibility.

Some of you might be disagreeing with the sporting infrastructures but there is a thing called "Sports Tourism". I have seen more international events played in PNG compared to previous years and this is a testament of the improvement in our sporting facilities. I believe that we will see many future internal events like the Rugby league world cup in 2017 where PNG Kumuls will be playing all his games in Pool C at home soil against Europe and USA. It will generate revenue for the government and the people of PNG.

A lot of people have been complaining about development only happening in Port Moresby, I think you certainly failed to realize the bigger picture. It is necessary and priority. You will understand what I am talking about if you understand the bigger picture.

I will give you examples of development happening in Mt. Hagen.
1. Kapal House
2. Mt. Hagen International Airport
3. Togoba Junction to Kagul Road Sealing
4. The recently approved 4 lane highway from Togoba to Kagamuga Airport.

We must also understand that the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government sets out the financial and functional powers of each level of government. Get yourself educated and read on the responsibility of each of the government levels. For example, It's not the responsibility of the National Government to build feeder roads into your little village or provide water supply for you. Read and find out whose responsibility is that.

In addition to that, in Western Highlands Province alone, each district is being directly getting K10,000.00 every year for the last 15 years since the time of Somare government, if you haven't seen change, ask your Local MP. The Provincial Government has been receiving PSIP, K5 million per district, meaning if WHP has 4 districts, that's K20 million of development grant per year. Ask your Provincial MPs where they're putting them.

Let's not blame everything on PM O'Neill. He is by far, the best working PM this country has ever seen since independence.

He got the loans to build these infrastructures because these are the necessary infrastructures to support the economy of this country. Yes, I can also admit that some of the cost of the infrastructures have unbelievable costs and that's something that the government must engage 3rd party consultants to vet and quantity those costing.

But nevertheless, if you want change, you have got to do something that you have never done before. Even if it means it will hurt.

We will only complain if the Government has raised the GST. To date, they haven't, which means you have been paying for the same tax you have been paying for the last 20 years so stop hallucinating that all over sudden you will be under some sort of stress. NO! You will be fine. You will still get the same pay you worked for, you will still pay the same 10% GST you have been paying for.

When we recover from this recession because of the drop in mineral and petroleum prices, when people like Peter O'Neill as PM, we will see unprecedented changes. Ask Don Polye, name one bridge he built when he was Works Minister and Deputy PM?

None of the other PMs have done it. Peter O'Neill has been the "Infrastructural PM".

Great job, well done. Social media maybe against your decisions, they will never hold this country to ransom. The 85 MPs who have been voted in by their people have confidence in you, the people of PNG are seeing changes, and they are happy for you.

Let history be the judge. Keep your heads down an plow away. Only when we look back, we will judge from then. For now, rest assured, we trust you. Same speed, same speed.


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