Monday, 12 September 2016

Opposition Leader Don Polye welcomes Pacific Island Judges for the Pacific Judiciary Conference in Port Moresby

THE country’s judiciary has its own problems and challenges which it should learn from neighboring countries to over-come them.

Challenges such as having to deal with backlog of court cases and maintaining the independency of judiciary amidst threat of political interference is most common in the PNG Judiciary system.

PNG’s judiciary must now learn from both Australia and New Zealand and even smaller island states to deal with these challenges confronting our judiciary system.

Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye said this whilst welcoming chief justices and judges from the Pacific to PNG for Pacific Judiciary Conference.

“As much as smaller island countries wants to learn from PNG, we must also pay close attention to learn from them as there may be lessons and inputs which may help improve our country’s judiciary system,” said Mr Polye.

“The country’s judiciary system is most probably the only avenue left for our citizens to seek justice and it must be defended and protected at all times. The same cannot be said to many of our constitutional offices as they have been compromised,” said Mr Polye.

“The recent being the error by the Public Prosecutor requesting the Ombudsman Commission for additional evidence against the Prime Minister where the Public Prosecutor whose roles and function is either to prosecute or decline it. The PM got off the hook as a result of the deliberate error by the Public Prosecutor,” said Mr Polye.

Mr Polye when welcome the pacific island judges urged them to also enjoy PNG’s hospitality and the uniqueness of PNG’s cultural diversity.
Opposition Leader Don Polye 
Source: Press Release

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