Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I resigned today to contest 2017 General Elections


THIS is to inform all my friends and relatives that I have tendered in my resignation to my employer; the Department of Petroleum and Energy as of 20th September as I will be nominated to contest the 2017 General Elections.

Pursuant to Section 56 of the Public Services (Management) Act 2014, I have tendered my resignation, give one month advance notice to take effect no later than 20th October 2016.

It was my greatest joy and fulfilment serving the Department of Petroleum and Energy for nine years as a lead Petroleum engineer in various oil and gas projects including the PNG LNG project, P'nyang gas project, Stanley Gas-Condensate Project, and Elevala Ketu Gas-Condensate project.

I feel that after 41 years in the wilderness with the same recycled politicians, the country needs a different and new type of leadership with new ideas and visions to open new doors for the country and rescue the country out of the vicious cycle of corruption, which has been trapping millions of our people in poverty for the last 41 years.

That's why I am sacrificing my career and life to make myself available to the people to elect me so that I can serve them with dignity and honor; something I always wanted to do for the last 20 years of my life, advocating for change.

Our people have been cheated and lied to for the last 41 years. They have lived a condemned life. They accepted poverty as a way of life.

I am not going to inherit those same lies and repeat them again. I want the people to know that they deserve a better life in this country like our rich politicians. We can't make everything happen overnight but we are going to lay the foundations and show our future generations how to take us there so that one day our children will sleep in the same house; eat the same food; go to the same clinics; and send their children to the same schools like what our rich politicians are doing today.

I will be only asking the people to trust me once as I am not going to fail the same people.

With that I am looking forward to the day when our children will wake up everyday smiling because we have taken every risk to embrace and believe in change.

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