Sunday, 5 August 2018

Fight for a good course of our beautiful country - Papua New Guinea

By Bryan Kramer


In less than 24 hours after announcing the Allegiance Party Membership Card Launch, the party received over 500 emails from the public expressing an interest to attend.

One of the more notable testimonies came from PJ Kono from Goroka, who messaged;

"I'm a village man am unemployed, can I deposit my K220.00 at ANZ, I'm willing, does that guarantee my membership."

He noted that as far as fortnightly deductions are concerned he has no means to contribute and wanted to know if he could still be one of the first 100 in Highlands Regions to secure his membership launch pack.

It demonstrates even those unemployed are prepared to commit what little they have to join the Party in the fight to save PNG.

For this level of commitment I'm only too happy to meet PJ's K20.00 fortnightly deduction so that he may attend the event in Goroko and secure his membership launch pack.

So far 20 people have already deposited K220 to purchase their tickets and as well as committing to the K20 fortnightly deduction. This secures them a ticket to the event as well as a membership card launch pack, leaving only 80 of 100 packs left up for grabs.

With the event on 25th August 2018, some 3 and a half weeks away, the public support expressed so far is certainly encouraging.

Today, I announced at a press conference staged at Parliament House that I had signed up as a financial contributor to the party, committing K1,400.00 every fortnight for the next five years from my fortnightly salary.

Party President Ila Geno did the same committing K500.00 every fortnight.

A member of the press asked the question what should those who sign up to be a financial contributor expect to receive for their K10 or K20 fortnightly contribution?

I responded, well the next time they get their pay slip they should take the time to note how much tax they pay.

The Party's membership launch was designed to target professional working class PNGeans where K20.00 presents next to nothing when compared to their fortnightly wage or 42% tax margin they pay on 100% of their gross pay.

Yet PJ Kono from Goroka who is unemployed has no reservations to sign up even when he can't afford it.

My K1,400.00 fortnightly contribution represents 10% of my net pay as a Member of Parliament. I've always made public my view that Members of Parliament are overpaid and under taxed, where only 20-30% of our gross salary is taxed leaving 70-80% tax free. While some may say well that leaves me with K12,600 a fortnight - this is true however 90% of it ends up being donated back into my electorate to those most in need.

What you need to be concerned about is that fact the economy is nose diving, companies are struggling to stay afloat and people are losing their jobs. The cost of living is sky rocketing and our Kina continues to lose its value, so the future is anything but bright.

To simplify the issue this fight is not for my benefit, its for your kids who are growing up without a future. If you are still young then your concern will be the welfare of your parents who have reached an age where they will need specialized medical treatment, treatment that other countries provide for free to their citizens that ours can't afford.

This is not because our Government doesn't have the resources to provide it but because corrupt politicians and their foreign associates are only too happy to steal it.

Not so long ago my parents asked me why I risk so much in my fight for a better PNG, now I understand they asked the question in the context of loving parents concerned about the risks that come with what I do. I responded if they had fought the fights in their time, then I wouldn't be fighting their fights in mine.

So I'm left to ask what will your kids be left to fight for...... jobless, landless and homeless.

I hope you can now better understand committing K10 or K20 a fortnight no longer seems like a lot to give once one considers what's at stake.

When you are ready to fight for your kids future let us know because some of us have already started that fight.

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