Sunday, 5 August 2018

Dear Mama - You are the Queen of my heart

SOME of you who grew up in the cities will take your mothers for granted. Most times, you will get mad over little things, that they say or ask of you to do.

You will disagree with them and think you should be treated like a king or queen. That is all good, you deserve to be spoil, but you must always remember that, blessing you have is priceless.

Embrace the presence of your parents, if you have both, kiss them goodnight each time you ready for bed. You might never know what tomorrow will be like. Most times, we do not appreciate them enough, but a time will come, when you will try to remember all those things you did to hurt them.

You'd blame yourself for it, but some of us, who've grew up the hard way. Will only appreciate every moment of life, because we know and saw, what life was like growing up. All our stories are different, but the love our mothers have is the same love that saw Mary crying, under her son's foot on the cross.

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