Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Tomato urged to intervene in Kandep Open counting to prevent an imminent loss of lives

The decision by the Electoral Commissioner to set aside remaining seven (7) clean ballot boxes for the Kandep Electorate did not go well with the supporters of Opposition Leader Don Polye and his fellow candidates.

They staged yet another peaceful demonstration this morning (Wednesday, July 26) to have them counted before the elimination process can begin.

Polye is leading by over 400 votes to his arch-rival Alfred Manase.
The wounded RO for Kandep is hell-bent on ousting Polye by manipulating the system. He has started the elimination process after disputing these boxes which are Polye's base votes. These boxes are genuine and clean votes. It is a clear and clean win for Polye.
He initially counted 14 ballot boxes hijacked by Manase.

The commissioner has to step in swiftly to prevent a looming bloodshed.

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