Sunday, 11 June 2017

Polye sells his policy on maximum benefit for resource owners in Hela

Opposition Leader Don Polye has marketed his policy platform on maximum benefit for resource owners in the country.

Addressing yet another huge crowd in Hela's capital Tari town during the weekend Mr Polye said his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party-led government would review the existing petroleum and mining agreements to ensure maximization of resource owners' benefits and interests.

He also vowed to reform the Petroleum and Mining Act to ensure resources are fully owned by the people and not the State for future and newer project developments.

Polye told them of the current mismanagement and abuse of the proceeds of the PNG LNG project in the form of mortgaging its proceeds to the K3 billion UBS loan, Sovereign bonds and other loans.

He has assured the Prime Minister that the alternative government was constructively criticising the government with workable and realistic policies.

Polye said PM ONeill's visit to Kandep on Thursday would not influence the voters, saying it was just like a small drop in the huge ocean of Polye's stronghold and widespread support in the whole Kandep electorate.

Polye warned the local media not to paint a fake perception that the crowd was the full representation of local voters, they majority of them were transported in from neighbouring Southern Highlands province and other parts of Enga.

He said Kandep's eligible voters were over 50,000.

There were about 5000 people, who gathered, comprised of 70% non-Kandep voters or outsiders who had come to witness the occasion.

He added that, normally, it was a culture of the Highlands to turn up in huge numbers to welcome any sitting Prime Minister.

The facts were:

1. Less than 2000 Kandepions, who turned up, shows disrespect and rejection of PNC party and O'Neill;

2. The red PNC uniforms were numbered to exactly 523 in total and;

3. The Honest Truth is, O'Neill achieved nothing out of Kandep! He went empty handed!

On the other hand, Hon. Don Pomb Polye ensured that the electorate was peaceful and Maurer a civilised response to O'Neill's hostile and militant attitude!

The result is: Kandep and Polye, and THE Party won! O'Neill and PNC Party lost!

Crowd in Tari town.
Polye addressing a crowd in Tari Town, Hela province;

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