Sunday, 11 June 2017

Is it 'healthy' to support a candidate with money, pigs, cars, trucks, cows etc to fund election campaign?


The year 2017, we see PNG in an economic decline, but there are also those people/voters who look around, into their backyard or dip into their savings to splash out or donate/support their preferred candidate with cash and valuable gifts. 

How people use this technique to support a candidate can be seen either as a sign of support or as an 'investment in the future' preferential treatment and this can be triggered by many factors. You may have you own opinion as to why people/voters do this but I want to share my thoughts as to why I believe it is UNHEALTHY.

People may argue that contributing money, pigs, trucks and other resources to their preferred candidate is to show that they are SUPPORTING the preferred candidate. The gifting in itself is not wrong but the intention behind the act may or may not be justified. 

Money or things of value are things used as medium of exchange or commodities used for an exchange of another good or service. Here are few examples that money or things of value can buy:

1). If you raise a pig, it can be sold for cash and the income earned could be used to pay for other basic needs like school fees, housing, hospital bills, bus fares, etc. or commonly used for bride price and other ceremonies.
2). If you owe a truck/car, you will have more mobility to move around, independence, social benefits for you and your family members, community and also to assist people during emergencies if you are a kind hearted person and
3). Money, it is the most liquid asset (meaning you can easily spend it on the spot to buy goods and services). Money’s value can be retained over time and a convenient way to store wealth. If wisely saved/invested and used, it will bring more economic/social benefit to you.

Now, having given the 3 main examples above, what can you say about the use of these valuable resources during the election period to support a candidate? The definition is clear that these things are mediums of exchange so what is the service or good that you require from your candidate by giving him/her these gifts?
1). It is just a gift to show your support to the preferred candidates? Man you must be wealthy enough to do that, having said that I also respect your status quo.
2). Is it a popularity contest, point scoring, cultural obligation or a typical Melanesian big man mentality?

3). Or would you require a kickback, reward, side deals, and payback in the future if your preferred candidate wins which is corruption and this is the very reason why we are not progressing and corruption starts. Also what if your candidate loses as there will be only one winner? Think about it.

To conclude, my message to all my hard working people and fellow citizens who can read and write to educate our people who struggle to make ends meet is: Do not waste their time and resources on a waste investment. If you need change for the benefit for the whole district, province and the country then THE ONLY FREE, FAIR AND SAFE SUPPORT YOU CAN INVEST IN YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE IS YOUR VOTE, SO Vote wisely and you have nothing to worry, all your resources will be safe and let your chosen leader bring the change that your deserve.
A quote also to remember:
“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s also good to check up once in awhile and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.” —George Lorimer.


  1. Loginmarn Jimmy12 June 2017 at 19:10

    If he wins you will be rewarded n the candidate loss, you both be losers.

  2. Exactly what's happening with our highlands culture. Their main intention is outlined on the 3rd point. Only few may b going for 1st or 2nd point. We should educate our people.

  3. If Highlanders are not growing due to such corrupt practices then what is happening in the coastal regions? May they are the most corrupt and silent suckers in this country!

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