Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Most political parties are financed by big corporate companies to serve their interest, except for PMFC


According to various "political experts", the People's Movement for Change Party (PMFC) has a long shot as a party vying for a say in the formation of the next Government.

That's fine. We are the underdog. But we are only one of less than a handful of parties that are truly owned by the people.

We have no material riches and certainly no powerful corporate or individual financiers behind us. There is no illegal proceeds of crime from transnational criminal cartels that rape and plunder our forests and land and seas that fund us. We have but the contributions of our families, friends and people. And we like it that way.

Meanwhile, most of the Political Parties and their peacock like politicians' that strut around cashed up are merely investment vehicles funded and owned by various financiers with ulterior motives.

They are "owned" by these financiers who are merely using the parties as vehicles of influence and investment. Most care very little about the interests of the people or the nation as a whole. Their concern is the profit margins and their shareholders whoever they be.

The parties in turn buy puppet masters (party stalwarts and leaders and so forth) that will move that vehicle in the direction that they are expected to move in by their financiers. The puppet masters recruit puppets who are then sent forth as candidates and if successful will finally have strings fully attached (contract) as they become political puppets for the puppet master owned by the financiers.

The financiers own shares in these parties. Those with a larger stake have the greatest say and expect the greatest return. Some powerful financiers own a party exclusively. Others own shares in a party in a conglomeration.

That is why when politicians get elected, they do not do the bidding of their people, but rather focus on who pulls their strings and ultimately who owns them: their financier or financiers.

People are shocked and bitterly surprised. But they should not be.

Especially when in fact they do not realize that the politicians are merely living up to the contract they signed up to...and that is to work for whoever owns the party that in turn owns them. Their strings are not owned by the people, in fact the people OWN NO STRINGS AND NO PUPPETS.

So who owns them? 
Those who financed them.

Is that the people?

Therefore the people should not expect a return on something they never invested in.

Or, they should expect a return on what they invested. If they invested zero...then they get zero return.

It's only logic.

Meanwhile these financiers that are placing their investments in PNG and are paying to have a say in the development of policies that may have a bearing on their operations and objectives and whether or not they will be able to have a piece of the development pie. They expect a return.

The more they invest, the more they expect in returns and dividends.

Where does that investment return come from?

The proceeds of resources and taxes.

These are funds for the recurrent and development expenditure.

And that is why our economy is not doing so well even though we should be doing great about now given the numerous projects going on and the substantial taxes collected.

So, much of the recurrent and development funds for PNG are
funneled off to the investors who have funded and thus own the political parties that endorse and send forth candidates.

They get their return on their investments. The investment vehicles they own, we know them as "parties" and the puppets they enlist, we know them as "MPs" are doing their bidding.

How is this done?

One way this is done is through the procurement of inflated contracts for various services and goods and the unfair agreements signed off for resources exploited in PNG...their heaven.

That is what organizations like the CSTB and IPBC and various other Government entities responsible for administering, permitting and licensing resource development activities are there for.

They give the impression that they protect PNG interests when in actual fact, they are just a facilitator of the return of investment for the various financiers that funded political parties and their candidates.

Most of us never really think about who owns the candidate hoping to be elected and ultimately the party they belong to.

They fantasize that they own them and thus these political puppets should do their bidding. But they never see the strings that lead to the puppet masters: the party and in turn who owns the puppet master: the financiers.

Well we are going to change that.

We are going to teach people about the puppets and puppet masters and the financiers and their objectives and how to counter that.

We are going to teach the people about the importance of OWNING their own Party and thus owning their own political leaders who can then do THE WILL OF THE OWNERS.

We will teach our people to be the FINANCIERS.

It may take some time...but from the recent results I have seen from our efforts nationwide, the reactions are positive. The people are learning fast.

I hope you have started to see the light...if you do...you can see the puppets and their strings too.

We shall keep shining that light and enlightening our people..in due time...we shall see who the financiers are.


  1. About blodi tain. Recent reports of amoral behaviour by PNG leaders should also be addressed. No one is above the law....they should be stripped of any financial remuneration and do the time for their crimes....

  2. Very good policy, about time this should be passed so any public servant or public officer for that matter should pause and think before executing their respective roles

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