Friday, 3 March 2017

The legent of Leitapo from Hela Province - Is it a myth or a prophecy to test?


by TIRI KUIMBAKUL  - Hela Development Forum (Facebook)

I am from Western Highlands, but as a concerned Papua New Guinean, I have been thinking about why the landowners and the province as a whole have been missing out on the full benefits from the LNG project up to now. Some possible explanations which have been advanced already are the inability to identify landowners, the various court cases and restraining orders, the government's cash-flow situation etc.

But there may be a more spiritual underlying factor which needs to be unearthed and addressed, and that is the Leitabo Prophecy. I have heard only brief descriptions of the prophecy so I cannot set it out, but the conviction I have received is that there are terms of the prophecy which have been contravened by the leaders of the province, particularly those in the forefront of negotiating and signing the various agreements and associated legal documents pertaining to the LNG project.

Unless and until the provincial and landowner leaders investigate the possible breaches and confess and do whatever is necessary to make restitution, the efforts of the provincial government and LOs to get their rightful benefits will always meet with one obstacle or another. The gas will be piped out day and night, but the people will be left high and dry.

Either that, or they will receive the benefits, but those benefits will act as a curse and not the blessings in terms of a well-developed Hela Province and improved living standards for the people as expected.

If what I am saying as a friend of Hela makes sense to readers, please pass the message to the leaders. I don't know any of them so I am posting on this Public Forum.

May the people of Hela be blessed.


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