Sunday, 29 January 2017

Only in PNG - Being 'punished' for doing the right thing. Becoz of his honesty in being a provincial treasurer, Andrew Namuesh has been sidelined.


Mr Andrew Namuesh the most humble and honest Provincial Treasurer I ever know, photo below is being punished for doing the right thing.

Because of his honesty in executing his job as Provincial Treasurer, he is now sidelined and remains as an unattached officer in the finance department Port Moresby.

Sometimes back in 2004 he challenged an illegal trust account set up by the then Provincial Administrator Manasupe Zurenuoc and the former Governor Luther Wenge.

The former government stores land and shed owned by the Morobe Provincial Administration was sold for K6-million believed to be under valued at that time.

Mr Namuesh pursued the K6-million which was hidden in various trust accounts in different banks using his powers through the courts to save the funds back into the provincial main account.

The valuer at that time advised that the value of the land was worth more than the K6-million.

Then in he challenged the Governor Kelly Naru of using K200,000.00 of MPG's funds to pay for his wife's funeral service while also challenging cash refund claims by Kelly Naru of money given to churches in cash.

Because of that he was forcefully posted away in 2013 to be the Provincial Treasurer of Madang Province.

While serving in as provincial treasurer in Madang he uncovered Bogia MP's illegal use of DSIP Funds of K600,000.00 in 2014 which I believe was reported on the local newspapers.

He was since posted to Port Moresby still on payroll unattached as Coordinator of housing scheme officer.

This shows that even the finance secretary Dr Ken Nangan (who is politically appointed to the position) and his FAS cannot rally behind their honest officers but to listen to politicians to chop good officers off active duties.

Just like Sam Koim the Director of ITFS and many other good Papua New Guineans out there.

They have been educated well enough to serve this country with respect and honesty but are punished for doing the right thing.

The same goes to the MPs on the floor of parliament, some of us want to do the right thing to hold the Prime Minister accountable but then majority of MPs choose their personal gains ahead of the people whom they represent.

This has marginalized some of us into the minority opposition starving our electorates off our funds.

It now depends on the new government after 2017 elections, if we have a good government installed starting from the floor of parliament to those politically appointed then those honest officers will serve well as custodians of the people's wealth.

To Mr Andrew Namuesh and Sam Koim all those suppressed honest public servants out there hang on, we all have unfinished business to do let us wait for the voters to make this change.
                             Mr Andrew Namuesh - punished for doing the right thing.


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