Monday, 15 August 2016

Angore LNG landowners form Leadership Committee to address issues

PAPUA New Guinea's Hides LNG landowner's still firm on their petition to the Government with Agnore PDL 8 landowners forming a leadership committee to address their issues with the State for development.

The launching took place over the weekend in Port Moresby to establish the Angore Well Head Leadership Committee (AWLC), comprising of four (4) landowner members of the well heads in Angore in Hela province. 

According to Legend FM News, Chairman Hari John Agipe said the reason for the formation of the group is to fulfill a leadership vacuum in the area, to pursue issues by rules and regulations.

“After signing the agreements five (5) back and after more than 220 shipment of LNG cargo, Angore sees small changes starting to take shape,” he said.
He thanked the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) process for being conducted for the Angore well heads area making it possible for the identification and appointment of the four Chairmen.

The Chairmen are, Mr Agipe himself as Chairman for Halapura Clan, Mr. Hari Elizah Timba as Chairman for Imika Clan, Mr. Tambiawi Tangilape as Chairman for Hiripali Clan and Mr. Tamule Kulu as Chairman for Pereke Clan.

The purpose of AWLC is to provide leadership for the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement (UBSA) and Licence Base Benefit Sharing Agreement (LBBSA) and to inform the government, the developer, Hela provincial government and stakeholders to respect and acknowledge AWLC and its leadership and to dialogue in the way forward for addressing benefits and issues concerning Angore PDL 8.

 The appointed four (4) Chairmen in front row along with their executives in the background row. Image: Legend FM

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