Tuesday, 26 July 2016

SPTO welcomes new South Pacific Specialists to its database

THE South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) as part of its marketing drive introduced a new program known as “South Pacific Specialists” to attract specialists to its database. 

CEO Chris Cocker welcomes the new certified south pacific specialists whom have just completed training online. In welcoming the specialists Cocker said, “You have now been added onto our South Pacific Specialist online directory where new and potential clients can find you more conveniently.”  

The first group of new comers last month as South Pacific Specialists are as follows. They are seven (7) of them in various specialties of tourism service providers throughout the world.

The first is the winner of the SP program competition Ms. Felicity Alquist who is a short haul reservations consultant at GO Holidays New Zealand based in Auckland. The second is Mr. Breandan Stempa who is an executive desk consultant at APX Travel Management based in Auckland, New Zealand. The third new member is Ms. Gwyneth Processer who is a travel counselor based in Manchester, UK and run her own business from home. The forth in the row is Ms. Katherine Lorenz who works for the Coco Weltweit Reisen Tours powered by Jedek Reisen GmbH Based in Innsbruck, Austria. The fifth is Ms. Mlle Vaihere Denis Jean who is a tour operator specializes for JLT Voyages based in Paris, France. The sixth is Mr. Helmut Peusch who works for Landmark Travel and it has been the eminent travel agent in Manly, Sydney Australia since 1978. And the final specialist is Mr. Catalin Mihailescu who is a general manager for BTL Creative Communication Business Travel and Leisure based in Bucharest, Romania.

SPTO says there are thousands of unique and wonderful places to discover and explore in the South Pacific and your personal travel guide who has been trained and has experienced the South Pacific for themselves is the perfect person to plan your next island getaway or daring adventure.
“Browse the specialist directory, search within your area and contact any of our authorized specialists that have been exclusively trained to be your personal consultants to the South Pacific,” SPTO says on its website.

SPTO currently has specialists in the following countries; Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK), United State of America (USA), Romania and Austria.
Photo: Buyers of Samoa’s tourism industry got a taste of the tropical Island tourism paradise at the Samoa Tourism Exchange between Buyers and Sellers.

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