Thursday, 23 May 2019

"We all have a story to tell, and who is to listen? - Mr. Good Prime Minister, its about time you listen to the 8-million stories than you listen to your own story.

Commentary by Tony Charles Wattz Kerowa - Facebook

I have a story to tell and I believe you also have a story to tell and he has a story to tell, she has a story to tell and we all have a story to tell...tell Who?..

Tell the Prime Minister who will tell the cabinet ministers and they will tell the Parliament who will tell every member of parliament that something is definitely not right in this country.

It is their duty to tell 8.5 million citizens of this beautiful country what is wrong in this country. We can correct the wrongs but we can not rewind the lost opportunities and time.

My story is about how I feel when there is no food in the cupboard. When I go to the bank to check on my pay, the balance can not equate to my shopping list. 

When I enter the supermarket , the prices are unbelievable...the shopping list is further reduced by half...the fuel prices have gone up , the plane ticket have increased, the Road conditions have gone from bad to worse, Hospitals are running out of drugs, people are dying of curable diseases and the cost of living is slipping away from manageable to unmanageable compounding as time ticks on. 

The list of my problems are endless and I believe yours are too.

The Government don't seem to care..My future does not seem children's future does not seem bright, my beloved country's future is heading down hill.

Sometimes I wonder what I am supposed to do to survive in this harsh circumstances. I wonder who will help me when the Government who supposed to take control of the failing economy can not address the problems faced every day. One thing I am sure of is my 8.5 million neighbors are facing the same challenges as I am.

On a CHRISTMAS eve, the Prime Minister asks me to Forgive and forget but what am I going to Forgive and what is there to forget. I didn't wrong anyone but it is the Government who wronged me and my 8.5 million neighbors..

Mr. Prime Minister, it is easy for you to say it but it is hard for me to Forgive on an empty stomach, a empty wallet, unforgiving environment, the poor living conditions. 

Mr. Prime Minister, how can I forget living under a leaking roof day in, day out...How can I forget digging dipper in to my pocket to fetch the increased fuel prices for my car. How can I forget living upside down like a flying fox when the Road up is not insight.

I don't expect you to solve all my problems but I expect you to do your civic responsibility and I know how to organise myself.

Our children attending schools and in universities now deserve better when they come out into the workforce taking over from me and my colleagues. We will reach our retirement age but before we go, we need to train them to take over from us and move the country forward. Mr. Prime Minister, you don't expect a masters degree holder, a bachelor holder , to live in a settlement and serve the Government as a Doctor, A Lawyer, An Accountant, an economist, a teacher, an engineer as a professional. 

You don't expect them to perform as faithful public servants with failing economy and low income..You must understand that our services supposed to be free to our people but to make ends meet, we sell it illegally for 10% commission..You are right, it is wrong...yes it is wrong but I need to survive.. call it Corruption or give it any name but I need to pay can't afford it so my 10% gets me through.

If I am being lead with my eyes closed and blindfolded how will I know where you leading me. Can I and my neighbors be happy for once. Be a responsible Government and dress me up like a good dad would do to his child. Dress my 8.5 million neighbors to be proud of themselves..

Thank you Mr. Prime Minister...I told you my life struggles and my 8.5 million neighbors struggle and it is your turn to tell us how you will make it better for us in 2019...

Tony Charles Wattz Kerowa
Patriotic citizen of PNG

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