Wednesday, 8 August 2018


At around 4pm this afternoon I was notified that the Office of Prime Minister issued a press statement threatening to take court action against me and calling for me to be arrested over my recent posts on social media.

The statement was in the following terms"

"Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has called on the new Member for Madang, Hon. Bryan Kramer MP, to learn to behave in the manner expected by his constituents, and not engage in slanderous and illegal behavior."

“The ongoing commentary by the Member for Madang, publishing unsubstantiated conversations with other Members of Parliament is disrespectful, misleading and actionable in court,” the Prime Minister said.

“Personal attacks and insults against Leaders, with claimed one-sided private conversations, are bandied about on social media.

“These are just shallow social media outbursts that only serve personal politics, and lack any policy platform.”

My response:

Well this is certainly interesting the Prime Minister is claiming the publications of the conversation was unsubstantiated (unproven) misleading and actionable in court.

So does he plan on taking court action against me, offering himself as a witness to prove what exactly was misleading and unsubstantiated?

I'm not sure how that works on account he wasn't even there to substantiate (prove) what he claims is unsubstantiated.

The only person who has standing to make such a claim or take action is the party to the conversation. I am keen to see how he intends to explain to the court how the conversation was private when he requested to meet me in my own Parliamentary office.

Further, I don't recall him stating the conversation was off the record or a private matter. Not that it would count for much as we both hold public office having a conversation in National Parliament a complex that belongs to the people.

Lack of policy Platform??? Ok I'm completely lost as to the relevance of policy platform in the context of this issue? Whoever authored the press statement on O'Neill's behalf certainly needs help articulating their arguments.

The press statement went on say:

"The Prime Minister has noted concerns that have been expressed at the mental capacity and stability of the member in his new position, and called for relevant authorities to look into his behavior."

“As these comments are also slanderous, it is appropriate that the Ombudsman Commission look into the Member’s conduct.

“NICTA, as the agency tasked with dealing with cybercrimes and the misuse of telecommunications services, must be proactive in dealing with these issues and undertake their own investigations.

My Response:

So isn't suggesting a Member of Parliament lacks mental capacity and unstable is itself unsubstantiated, disrespectful and misleading coming from the Office of the Prime Minister???

It suggests the author of the press statement is distressed and struggling to stay objective to the issues.

So O'Neill's requests the Ombudsman Commission should look into my conduct?

I welcome it perhaps it will help speed my up own complaint against him lodged in 2014 in relation to serious criminal allegations of bribery, undue influence and official corruption. I've been waiting four years now for that matter to be progressed.

So O'Neill's requests NICTA should have me investigated?

In 2016 the former Member of Madang and close associate to O'Neill had a young man from Siar Village in Madang charged for referring to him as an A$*hole on social media.

In effecting his arrest the young man and his sister were assaulted by officers attached to Duban before being locked up at the Boroko Police Station.

When I heard of the incident I offered to represent him in Court - in the end the charges were dismissed for abuse of process.

In August 2016 O'Neill directed members of the Special Services Division (SSD) to hunt down and charge a man from Pangia for posting threats to kill him.

I was contacted by his bother to assist with legal advice. I prepared a submission in his defense resulting in the Court dismissing the charges.

When handing down his ruling the Magistrate said the Prime Minister is the leader of the country and is subject to public scrutiny, adding people have the right to freedom of speech and expressing their views.

So if NICTA have an interest in bringing charges against me I'm only too happy to defend the charges and make myself available for arrest. Unlike the Prime Minister who evaded arrest back in 2014 by fleeing to hideout in parliament.

The final part of the press statement:

“This behaviour is unbecoming and bizarre, particularly for the new member who is yet to prove his worth in the Parliament.

“The people of Madang elected him to help develop the district and deliver services for the people, but in his six months in office he has nothing to show.

“Nothing has been delivered and no concrete plans have been made for the coming years in this term of Parliament.

“This member recently launched a so called political party, the Alliance with much fanfare that has also resulted in nothing.

“He is a very frustrated man with ambitions beyond his ability.

“He has never held a decent job, and now he is taking on the rightful opposition to try and take over the alternative government.”

My response:

Again I'm not sure what development in Madang has to do with this issue.

For O'Neill's information I campaigned and was elected on the platform I would go after corruption including holding him to account for mismanagement of the economy.

I can only assume the Prime Minister never thought in his wildest dreams he would find himself sitting across from me on the floor of Parliament calling him out on the many lies and misleading statements he has been accustomed to making.

This is going to be a long five years for Peter O'Neill so I would suggest he pace himself - because as far as I am concerned the war on corruption has only started.

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