Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sir Peter Ipatas shows signs of a man cornered


I feel that journalists should take note of this. Did Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas mislead the media and the people of PNG? He once said he would not campaign as developments in his Irelay village speak for themselves. 

But now the story is different. He has been pushed to the corner by his rival candidates. He has been campaigning like never before. He knows it very well that his chance of retaining his seat is narrow.

He is one of the few Governors, who runs around in heavy police escort with 2 police vehicles (10-seaters/troopers) guard him all day every day. He declared on nomination week he will NOT campaign and that his work speaks for itself. Well, It seems he lied yet again.

Now he is campaigning like never before and he is DISHING out public money at every rally. He is donating vehicles during campaign and saying all kinds of things to the people.

Just yesterday he got his tribesmen to give a preventive order to JB in Wabag. For a man who calls himself "wane takange" what is he scared of?

Apart from the preventive order to Balakau it is rumored he is trying to have LLA arrested.

This is not the relaxed Ipatas. He is a man fighting from a drain he dug himself.

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