Thursday, 15 June 2017

PANGU will play the biggest role to form the next government without Peter O'Neill - 2017 National General Elections

(Post Courier, 16-06-17)

A POLITICAL RALLY is looking to oust the Peter O’Neill-led government and its coalition partners in the coming polls.

The new government coming up after the 2017 national election, without the current PM O’Neill retaining his seat, is the aim of the current opposition's stand.

PANGU Party, one of the biggest coalition parties in the opposition team, will be a force to be reckoned with to form the next government at the conclusion of the 2017 National Election.

PANGU Party Leader and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil said this as PNG heads into the last two weeks before polling.

During campaigning for PANGU Party candidates in the Momase Region starting from East Sepik, to Madang and currently to the Morobe province, Mr Basil said coalition partners have started pushing the agenda of a new Prime Minister for PNG. Not Peter O'Neill anymore.

Mr Basil met with Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, who last week was a member of an elite group from the National Alliance Party, THE Party leaders, Kerenga Kua from the PNG National party, Ben Micah from the People's Progress Party, former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta and others, rallying for the cause.

Mr Basil said parties and candidates without affiliation to the Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party of O’Neill have jointly converged to sever one person only in this election.

“We will all rally against him (PM) and as I have said, political party candidates have already discussed formation without Mr O’Neill,” said Mr Basil.

He said PANGU Party will play a major role in the formation of the new government given the countrywide exposure showing a lot of support on the ground.

Meanwhile, PNC party going against the opposition team opt to run a full page media advertisement on The National newspaper of 15th June, 2017 on page 27 to claim PNC will build more instrastrfdure.
In the advertisement PNC named opposition MPs; Sam Bail, Don Polye and Sir Mekere Morauta who will strap his Free Education policy, Free Heath and cut DSIP funds. 

While PNC is putting up this paid ad in the newspaper, there are reports of  drugs shortages in hospitals, schools facing difficulties in not getting subsidies and roads not maintained and people suffering.



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