Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Late Sir Iambakey Okuk was Deputy Prime Minister and was served as Opposition leader - a material fitting for prime ministership

LATE Iambakey Palma Okuk was born on May 5, 1945, in the Simbu Province. His father was a local leader, Palma of Gambagolg village in Simbu, Papua New Guinea. 

Not long after his birth, his father died, and he was adopted and raised by his eldest brother, Okuk.

Iambakey Okuk, is known as Papua New Guinea's "most colorful and controversial politician" Sir Iambakey was an independence leader in Papua New Guinea and served as Deputy Prime Minister, the nation's first Minister for Agriculture & Fisheries, and repeatedly in the capacity of Minister of Transport, Minister of Primary Industries and Opposition Leader.

Iambakey first led protests against unfair labor practices, and then once elected to office, worked to reserve sectors of the economy for citizens as a method of returning a complex economic role to Papua New Guineans. In the post-independence decade, Iambakey built a coalition of minority political factions which forced the successful change of government, in which he became Deputy Prime Minister.

Late Sir Okuk's campaign vehicle land cruiser in 1982 in front of Tokoma stoa, Kundiawa town, SImbu Province.

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