Thursday, 18 May 2017

UPNG students criticised the ruling People’s National Congress Party for plagiarising their slogan.

THE university students started boycotting classes in May last year, calling for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the integrity of the PM’s office and step aside until all allegations against him are cleared.

During that time, the slogan #UPNG4PNG was borne.

Former UPNG Student Representative Council member, Hercules Jim, said “We came up with the slogan before the protest...basically to unite UPNG to stand for PNG.

“This slogan comes with the sacrifice of blood and education of UPNG students to fight for the cause they believe in.”

However, PNC recently launched their campaign with a hashtag #PNC4PNG and #StayingStrong, which is the English version of UPNG’s #SanapStrong.

The student leader said “Leave the 2016 students’ unrest alone. Do not use it for your political interest."

“You and your children studying overseas will never sacrifice your lives for PNG.”

Since the launch of PNC’s slogan, UPNG students took to social media to voice their disbelief, with some wondering if the ruling party is mocking them or simply lacks creativity.

UPNG students with their original slogan #UPNG4PNG, May 2016.

Copied/plagiarised slogan PNC4PNG by ruling PNC Party, May 2017. 
Source: PNG Loop

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