Friday, 26 May 2017

The in-house politics of Simbu has much to say if Kerenga Kua will be a choice for the Prime Minister of PNG post


THE one chance opportunity for a Simbu son to be the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea was in Late Imabakey Okuk, but was betrayed by his own countryman, John Mua Nilkare in 1982. Since then, the hope of the highest portfolio was a dream yet to be fulfilled for the Simbuans.

Now, the Simbus, in every walks of life are desperate to see one of their own to sit on the highest thrown in PNG politics. But why at first, when they knew the opportunity was ripe and equal, yet they choose to force expire the Prime Minister material?

National Party (NP) under the leadership of Okuk was then, one of the powerful and feared political party. It composed of No Nonsense and vibrant Highlanders who made bold and constructive decisions on political agendas without fear or favour. National Party was an immediate threat to Pangu Party. Pangu was in power at that time.

In 1977- 1982, Michael T. Somare saw how powerful that Gambagogl man would become, thus, he predicted that if he (Okuk) retain his seat as the Regional representative for Simbu Province, he will definitely kick Somare out and grab the PM's seat of which he (Somare) was not ready to give away. Somare plans to oust the Kamanaku king in no other way but to endorse a strong opponent as a challenger.

Simbus are known for their patriotism and kindness but jealousy is one factor that is killing the giants when it hits the realms of political leadership.

Somare, knowing very well that Simbu is a province of two distinguish cultural people, the Kuman (Konda) and the Bomai (Kora), he chose the scapegoat (Nilkare) a Bomai folk to play the star role in his conspiracy. The Bomai team (Gumine, Salt Nomane Karimu, Chuave and SineSine) will not easily submerge under the Kuman (Kerowagi, Kundiawa, Gembogl and Yongomug) and vise-versa.

Of Course, the plan was successful and Ninkare registered his name in the political history as the 3rd (1982-1987) Governor of Simbu. The Bomai won but the never realize that Simbu lost the Prime Minister to their in-house politics. The questions is, which is important, a Simbu to become only a provincial Governor or a nation's Prime Minister? Simbu’s in-house politics killed a PM opportunity for Simbu in 1982.

The hope of a Simbu to be the PM was silent until late last year when a Simbu son broke allegiance with National Alliance Party and move to the opposition bench to sit alongside with Don Poyle and Belden Namah. He resurrected the by gone National Party, a party his own country man Okuk build as the platform to climb to the PMs throne.

Hon. Kerenga Kua, a professional lawyer, a successful businessman and the Member for Sinesine Yongomugl stood the challenge to carry forward the hope of Simbus to become the PM. But the question is, “Simbu, as a province is willing to give Kua the foundation support to grab the nation's’ CEO”?

The answer is blurry.

Here are the reasons why Kua will fight a hard battle to win the PMs Portfolio.

1). Sinesine Yongomugl (SSY) Divided
Sinesine Yongomug is the only district in Simbu composed of Kuman (Yongomugl) and Bomai (Sinesine). Despite Kua's intentions to become the PM, the Sinsine brothers are a brick wall he has to demolish. The challengers from Sinesine are Milli Rex Kiage, John Mua, Tonny Countryman and etc…. On the other end, the Yongomugls will bow to Kua with vote one but since four (4) of his own tribesmen are contesting, most vote one will be in dispute. His predicament to win SSY seat lays at his own door steps.

2). Simbu Divided - Party Politics. 
The hope of National Party to basket winning candidates from Simbu after the polling is limited. The Simbus may present Kua with 1-3/7 candidates to contest for the PM or otherwise National Party might take nil. Why? The answer is Hon. Nick Kuman is the shadow founder of PNC and will make sure to grab more Simbu candidates to form the next government. Meanwhile, Dr. Ga’allah P. Kora with his new baby (PNG Socialist Party) will put an eagle eye on Simbu candidates. Both (Kuman & Kora ) are Bomai yal and will not easily give in to Kua as he is a Kuman.

3. Nere –Tere Policy. 
Simbus are very good at this politics. It is played at the lowest level. Simbus are clever people, yet cunning . The will promise you their vote and loyalty but the final decision is made at the door of the polling booth. A coconut (K100 note) or a small piece of lamb flaps has the power to sideline the opportunity to vote for a National Party candidate and for sure PNC will use this method to make sure her sponsored candidate(s) wins. PNC has the money to power Nere-tere politics. The lower class people don’t care about Party Politics, they care about who gives them what they want. They may, will applaud Kua and National Party, but voting for a National Party candidate in their respective electorate is suspensible.

However, the moment for a Simbu son to become the next Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea is now. If Simbus are not serious and should maintain their in-house petty Kuman Bomai politics, they will never become the Prime Minister but rather be the man behind the curtain or in short, brief case carriers to other powerful politicians of PNG.

So, to conclude, great Kondom once said “One day my Sons will come”. This prophecy is yet to fulfil until a Simbu son becomes the head of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

Hon Kerenga Kua....Simbu's son for the Prime Minister post. 

Late Imabakey Okuk......Simbu's powerful son who post threat to Somare to oust him for the Prime Minister's post.


  1. When asked Hon Kerenga Kua, the leader of the PNG National Party of why he did not endorse a candidate contesting the Oro regional seat, these were his response "I haven't seen a person with so much passion for his country like I've seen in the Hon Gary Juffa. I still don't know why some incompetent open sitting members risking their seats to contest against him. I find that to be power hungry, not serving the interest of the people. Leaders like Juffa are rare and therefore should be given another term in office to continue the good fight to Take Back PNG."
    What an incredible and inspiring response from a leader with the same calibre as Juffa.

  2. Kerenga Kua,I trust Kenenga to be the Prime Minister, I'm from Mt. Hagen,I trust is leadership, if we vote Kerenga Kua, PNG will change from day 2 day.

  3. Faldo Fal Simo27 May 2017 at 02:11

    It's about time we the People of Simbu & EHP Unite And Vote National Party (Hon Kerenga Kua) and New Generation Party (Hon Bire Kimisopa) into this Higher Post..Enough of BackBenchers and Briefcase Carrier..Nice well explained Piece.

  4. Jerome Fongenmale27 May 2017 at 02:13

    I'm from Morobe.. I believe in Mr. Kua's leadership.. People of Sinesine... VOTE KUA for a Better PNG..

  5. Rothmans Black27 May 2017 at 02:14

    This is worth reading about rather than shits of utter nonsense posted everyday...thank you Kaugla,

  6. Philip Steve Sabok27 May 2017 at 02:16

    Thank you Enoch for sharing the Simbu politics.

  7. Kerenga so far has spoken and walked in politics with integrity..signs are he will make a good PM. If politics were dictated by integrity, Kua will be my choice of PM!!

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