Sunday, 7 May 2017

PNG Political Parties and Party Leaders leading into the 2017 National General Elections

The 2017 National General Elections has witnessed more than 40 political parties with candidates contesting the 111 seats throughout the country. The Office of Registry of Political Parties confirmed that there are 44 registered political parties for the 2017 National General Elections.

Of the 44 registered political parties, below are some of the most popular political parties on record for the 2017 national general elections and their leaders who are vying for the Prime Minister's Post in August 2017.

1) Peter O'Neil (People's National Congress Party) - ruling party with the current government.

2) Patrick Pruaitch (National Alliance Party) - coalition party with the ruling PNC party but break out of the coalition to go into the 2017 National General Election

3) Ben Micah (People's Progress Party) - was with the ruling PNC part
y but later moved to opposition at the time of vote of no-confidence to overthrow the PNC-led government.

4) Don Polye (Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party) - formed the coalition Government with PNC after the 2012 National General Elections but then breakaway to move to Opposition to lead the Opposition team.

5) Belden Namah (PNG Party) - Was on the Opposition since 2012 Government formation.

6) Joseph Yopyyopy (Melanesian Alliance Party) - New party

7) Bire Kimisopa (New Generation Party) - With Government but then moved to Opposition.

8) Garry Juffa (People's Movement for Change Party) - Opposition since 2012

9) Kerenga Kua (PNG National Party) - with Government but break away to join Opposition.

10) Powes Parkop (Social Democratic Party) - Team up with the ruling party.

11) Paul Paraka (Grass Roots United Front Party) - new party with 111 candidates in all the 111 seats nationwide.

12) Sam Basil (Pangu Party) - Opposition Party

13) Chris Haiveta (Country Party) - new party

14) William Duma (United Resource Party - URP) - Team up with the ruling party.

15) Dr. William Tongamp (People's Party) - Team up with the ruling party.

16) Chris Haiveta (Kantri Pati) - New Party

The political big game will be played between these parties to form the next Government in August 2017.


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