Thursday, 11 May 2017

A country rich with natural resources but its people are poor because of corrupted and greedy politicians


WHEN you see all these pictures (below) in PNG, what comes first into your mind??? Is it prosperity, poverty or suffering due to high corruption in PNG over the last 41 years of Independence?

When I am overseas I felt so stupid when my overseas friends told me "PNG waoooo a country so rich with natural resources, but how's your government?"...Well this is my answers to my fellow citizens in PNG.

I am prepare to one day reverse this psychopathic money hungry greedy corrupted politicians behind the bars. This is our land and no one will take us down when the right God appointed time for my colleague who have light minded like me who run into politics to solely present our suffering PNG people due to high corruption. 

We will make sure PNG resources taken in corrupted way is return back to the people of PNG. The corrupted leaders will have the money and influence in authority but we have our Supreme Almighty God who defends and fight for justice and fairness for his Children and He will fight for us and we won't scare of death coz we have eternal kingdom in Heaven. We want our people to have their constitutional rights to every service of the government in this country. 

So these are my 3 news for you this election 2017. 
1). Bad News is our economy is in a phase of insolvency meaning we have more borrowings than what PNG own and our income from naturals resources are all tied up against these massive borrowings. You already feeling the effects and impact of these insolvency what our country is going through now. I cannot only blame the current Prime Minister but I will blame the governments over the last 41 years. That's our bad news. 

2). Ugly News for you is when you retain the current member of parliament who never deliver any infrastructure development services in your district but because he bribe you with money, beer and lamp flaps and charity services and you put him back into Parliament, the worse thing is he will enjoy high class life and you will be most affected victim suffering more for services because you make that decision to vote him or her back. 

3. GOOD NEWS is as of April 2017 when the election writs is open you must be so happy and so proud of your self because your PNG constitution will remove Member of Parliament title from your current members and divided equally that power and title back to you. 

Weather you are a drug body, drunkard, sex worker, buai seller, street vendor, taxi driver, bus operator , professional worker, nurse, pilot, police, army, farmer, house wife, student and you know what you are, you must be so so happy that for two months you will own that power. 
It's yours only for two months and in order to receive that power from you, every candidate contesting in your district will be begging for you and they will use money, lamp flaps, charity services and hosting community games and many more exciting events to beg for your power to give them.

 So the good news is now you are the Member of Parliament but only for two months during election campaign period. During the voting that's the only time you will transfer your power to the candidate you want him or her to represent you and only on that polling boot voting date, your constitution will transfer your power to the person you voted for. 

So please please and please, spread this information to all and every member of your family and vote for a leader who will fight corruption and fight for you to take back your land and your resources from foreigners who used it to make money and make you suffer more. 

Vote for man like Gary Juffa character and leadership who fears no one but put PNG people into his heart and fight for PNG resources and people and well being. I will also fight for this type of leadership. We must all make this 2017 election our only golden change and opportunity and fight to take back PNG once and for all because our students tried their best they used power and authority to suppressed them and we tried all means and ways to fight and stop corruption but it's become norm into all government system.

 Let's make this 2017 election an election that will clean the corruption mess for our generations and kids generation for next 50 years and going forward while waiting for our soon return God almighty God to take us home to Everlasting Kingdom. 

My prayers will be with you all as you make decision to choose a leader who will fight and stop corruption and divert the infrastructure development and spread it more equally across every provinces in PNG. I am not into Politics but with good honest politicians I want to work hand in hand to develop my country .God bless!


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