Thursday, 2 March 2017

Peter O'Neill blames Rimbink Pato's department for not meeting UN bills - Who from DFA will explain now?


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has blamed the Department of Foreign Affairs for not paying the United Nations General Assembly annual payments.

O’Neill told Loop PNG in a text message that the funding for the payment of the UN General Assembly has been sitting in a trust account for months.

“Someone in the Department of Foreign Affairs needs to explain why they did not pay,” says O’Neill.

PNG lost its vote in the United Nations General Assembly because it failed to pay its annual contributions of at least (K532,000) for its voting rights.

PNG is one of six countries whose voting rights have been suspended for non-payment — the others being Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, Cape Verde and Vanuatu.

The news of the unpaid contributions have raised concerns with PNG elites and some members of parliament.

One such MP is Oro Governor Gary Juffa who called on the Minister responsible Rimbink Pato to resign and the Prime Minister to voluntarily step aside.

He said while the Prime Minister and his Government assure the people that "the economy is doing well" the country devolves into totalitarianism and withdraws from a key international forum.

“Are we saying we cannot afford this or is this incompetence?

“The Minister responsible should resign immediately and if not the Prime Minister should sideline himself for bringing PNG into shame and ensuring we are not represented.”

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