Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rural rugged and abandoned village for the last 23 years gets new road link

 ONE of the country’s rural and most rugged districts in Papua New Guinea has now received a new road access to the nearest town.  Tambul District in the Western Highlands Province has been abandoned for the last 23 years for basics government services including a road link.

The road link between Wambul and Palme villages was first built by men with spades and bush knives in 1993. Since then no machinery equipment has ever moved into the area.

Today, thanks to Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti for funding the road network to be linked up.

Local Level Government (LLG) Council president Micheal Mai said road is the most important and most vital service any government can initiate and provide to its people. He said this road is very vital one that needs to be upgraded and graveled because it will open up Lower Kaguel and will be more efficient road link in the area. “On behalf of my Mt. Giluwe LLG people I thank the Governor for Western Highlands Province a wise decision to have the road opened up with the new machine and the fuel money allocated,” he said.

The Lower Kaguel area houses Tambul Secondary School, Mt. Giluwe Secondary School, Kipiria Secondary School of Excellence, more than 20 primary schools, 22 council wards and a total population of more than 24,000 people.

WHP Governor Paias Wingti.

Governor Paias Wingti

Paias Wingti was welcomed by people from Lower Kaguel with traditional dances at Kiripia.

Giluwe LLG Council Present Micheal Mai.

Road linking Wanbul and Palme villages.

The new road being upgraded.

Looking to the Lower Kaguel Valley.

The New Road.

The New Road.


  1. This is a welcoming news for those who have been struggling to sell their garden produce at the local and the main Mt. Hagen market. The upgrading will now ensure people having easy access to road transport, now the issue is, is the upgraded road capable of allowing local pmvs to travel, on all weather conditions. If only four wheel drives can make it, I guess people will still travel long hours to get to the nearest best local to catch a pmv. Just my though, from the pics posted.

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