Monday, 1 August 2016

Duma says corruption, nepotism and complacency are the biggest problems in the country.

UNITED Resource Party (URP) Leader and Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister William Duma is concerned that corruption, nepotism and complacency are rife in all the state-owned enterprises. But his name is tagged to some PNG official corruption investigations.

URP Party Leader and Minister for Public Enterpises and State Investment Minister William Duma. Image: Michael Passingan/The PNG New Page/Facebook/July 016.
 In a Post Courier report, Mr Duma expressed his concern that corruption, nepotism and complacency is a big problem and called on his ministry employees to change their conduct of businesses and how they operate and run their enterprises.
Mr Duma said the recruitment system was not fair and transparent as nepotism was a culture, incompetency and complacency are major problems in the country.

"Conflict of interest and corruption is rife and that is a bad inducement. This is not a good way. We are in a better place to do better for our people but we continue to fail our people,” he said.
"We accept bribery. We are our worst enemy and it concerns me. I hope we change our attitudes and do better for our people.

"Not everyone is doing that. All our entities have competent people and I have trust in them but we have to try and stop this culture for a change. My message is if we can change our attitude it’s better," he said.

On the 2nd August 2011, when Peter O'Neill was not prepared to be Prime Minister, Don Polye, Belden Namah and William Duma had the numbers but gave away the Prime Ministership position to Peter O'Neill on a golden plate.
Duma, Namah and Polye all three (3) got sacked at some point in time in O’Neill administration but Duma still with O’Neill while Namah and Polye cross the floor. They teamed up to fight corruption, nepotism and complacency and that must be maintained – the fight must go on.

Duma’s URP has the following principles focusing on natural resources development:
a) Equitable distribution
b) Maximum participation
c) Encourage foreign participation

URP Policies include: Fighting corruption and Reform in education, health, law & order, promote local business. URP was formed in 2001. Duma unseated late Paul Pora in the 2002 General Elections for Hagen Open, Western Highlands Province. Following on, he won the 2007 and 2012 General Elections consecutively.  

Duma’s name is often mentioned in some of the high profile official corruption cases being investigated so far. In a video released on You Tube, Duma was believed to be on the list of official corruption deals yet to be investigated. William Duma, Author Somare, Paul Paraka and other 58 names of politicians and Business man are involved in a money laundering move exposed by the video on the You Tube by an Australia journalist and corruption expertise. 
Hagen Open MP William Duma. Image: Supplied.
William Duma with Government team in Alotau. Image: PM's Office/July 2016.



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