Friday, 19 May 2017

Bryan Kramer....His Analytical CrossMatch: ....Seeking A Melanesian Characteristic....


HAVING the opportunity to read one of the most useless comments ever been made by a very immature low class wannabe brings a lot of laughter to the corridors of power. Bryan Jared Kramer is a self styled author of " hatim bel" articles.

Substance and merit are foreign elements of his mediocre politics. Papua New Guineans gain nothing more than short lived excitement.

Brian Kramer is just full of all sorts of dilemmas. They just keep on coming. One day as usual all good things must come to an end.

Pangu Party as properly classified belong to the old era of Somare during the pre independence period. In 2012 this country rejected the party outright by not electing any of its candidates.

Brian Kramer decides against all odds to join Pangu and that was after seeking endorsement from many other political parties where he was rejected. There is something there that attracted him- Pangu is just the cover!

Today Pangu is being featured as the most politically disorientated party with the political wing fighting the executives .

For a start they have a so called party leader who emanated in the political shadow as the most promiscuous MP having joined PPP then to PNG Party and now Pangu.

He has no leadership quality to even withstand the slaughtering of the Sepik Pangu Branch. Now he is forced to respect the constitution of the party or otherwise he will be forced to run as an independent. What a shame!

This goes to show that Sam Basil maybe genuine to his people but he cannot tame the original Pangu supporters. He has no credentials to even match other competing party leaders .

The fact that he has his own executives going against him is simply an exposure of incompetent and totally fragmented leadership.

We have yet to see him articulate policies and generate intellectual discussions of modern day politics .

Last time on TV Wan he looks more confused with another " lost in the jungle " Goilala MP , William Samb, when he was asked to explain his position and part policies.

Even NRI had to downplay their policies. Even the Goilala MP has no knowledge of DSIP guidelines.

Sam Basil cannot answer the simple question that was asked on what would be his party policies after Pangu delivered independence and after 40 years .

Poor Sam Basil looked shell shocked and deviated to start talking about the appointment of judges where politicians should not get involved.

This country has many learned individuals. We need policy language and policy direction not administrative guidelines Sam Basil.

Political ideologies and philosophies are two great pillars of policies . Not demonstrating on the public media is a direct blasphemy to all Pangu supporters.

Sam Basil was seen mad with the question. Well really it is now common knowledge that once you behave like a party hopper or better " grass hopper" you bring nothing more than a pile of grass.

Sam Basil is stuck in a deep trauma of not going to allow some " useless party executives remove my leadership " so hopefully he gets past it on time .

Under his struggling leadership comes another established conman who has 3 consecutive registered fails in the Madang Open Seat.

This is a person who has purposely removed the word " defeated " from his vocabulary and replaced it with " never learn" for his own convenience.

He is also keen to write a book on how he reckons "plagiarism can work on social media if you have a thick cut and paste keys" for his decreasing fake audience.

Today people in the social media thinks he is a little corruption fighter. Well to some he looks like an empty coffee cup drinker who forgets that getting elected is a big call and may not happen at all.

Brian Kramer loves cafes because he can get free wifi and write another dose of his lunacy and sleeps into oblivion. This is now a fixed routine .

He even goes to Cairns to find Wifi. This is some seriousness that only few people can invoke into their schedules.

Dreaming to be elected is one thing but doing it has been like sliding on a razor blade. Brian Kramer has never been lucky simply because the people of Madang hate him.

The fact that he has serious marital complications, does not carry any leadership quality, is a fake and does not mind his own business. He is a trouble maker and people have reservations on his intentions.

Now we see an attack on a political party staff member who should never be dragged into the political scene . Matt Macarthy is doing a great job for himself by choosing to accept his engagement with one of the biggest political party in PNG.

The party is an organization established by the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates. It can sue and be sued, hence it has its own structures to suit its endeavors.

To hire any individual is the choice of that entity. The fact that it has to have administrative structures to serve as the secretariat is basically an organizational requirement.

PNC has a minority party status in law to have secretariat and administratively it is a huge organization bigger than the fake Youth Link.

Youth Link's scandalous attempt to force the aging population to behave like 16 years old has been met by stiff opposition. Now PNC is not into that crap.

PNC party has been overhauled by some of the best support staff to be where it is as compared to what it was before. This is the result of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

Youth Link needs to show its colors to demonstrate its greater success instead of wearing reflectors like in the construction industries. Young people are being mistreated for the want of political power.

Brian Kramer has desensitized the aging population in Madang by making them feel young with the reflectors.

These reflectors are usually worn by road or building contractors to enhance protection and visibility. There is no youth linkages to scholarship or long term investments. Its a shame and waste .

Even mothers and churches are treated as youths randomly. There is no office or paid staff under Youth Link because Brian Kramer secretly is using them for his political gain .

Again PNC is not into this nuisance. It runs this country as a ruling party with the biggest number of MPs and a Prime Minister. It will go into election string and win big. Don't forget people on face book are less than genuine Papua New Guineans.

In this case conman Brian Kramer lacks the foresight of hitting a proper point by interfering with an established political organization that independently runs its own affairs.

He should instead justify his fake Youth Link which the members cannot even get certified to seek employment. He rides on this fake outfit to access communities as if he has the budget to pay for all his nonsense. Building schools, roads and bridges are big envelope items only for DSIP.

Youth Link is an extraordinary fake and does not have the capacity to engage in such yet Brian Kramer behaves like a government. He has forgotten that he looks so stupid when he practices a fake lifestyle and preached the opposite.

The Utu Parish Priest is still waiting for the generator Brian Kramer fraudulently committed in his haste to seek votes . Another attempt gone wrong !

Also the Kranget Island mothers are still waiting for the fish and bananas worth more than K50 that Brian Kramer got during the Pangu Party launching at Bates Oval.

His promise to pay is still not done yet . When ever he returns from Cairns - hopefully they can get paid.

Whether there is personal viability in this routine con outfit remains so obvious that another sick person is behaving like a medial doctor.

Brian Kramer operates as a thief who has no office, has never been employed and does not understand the establishment of political parties well.

Brian Kramer is one of the worst organizer of political activities and tries his best to interfere in almost all issues way far below exceptional standards. Last time in Panim Village, he goes and campaigns in the night causing a lot of anxiety. During the campaign the house broke and a child fell right through resulting in death . He has not been accountable yet to that crime .

In Madang he carries a sorry face repeats the same story and is publicly rejected. Few communities have openly stoned his vehicle and youths hate him as an opportunist.

Brian Kramer does not owe PNC anything and challenging it is simply looking for trouble. PNC is well established going into 2017 National General Election.

PNC does not need idiots like Brian Kramer as a candidate who is not fit and proper to represent the Madang people to comment on its structures and machineries.

Engaging a team of skilled election engineers is common practice in all established democracies . In PNG other political parties also have few experts working on the same lines.

It is now public knowledge that Paul Barker of Institute of National Affairs and David Conn of Chamber of Commerce are secretly writing articles and giving it to clowns like Brian Kramer to post on social media.

Brian Kramer is an established collector of all rubbish that he post thinking this nation has cheap people to read and believe. What Brian Kramer does not realize is the fact that the world knows his feeding frenzy more than he realizes.

It is not a new arrangement. Brian Kramer is threatened by the fact that he has no office and no staff and cannot withstand the massive impact of the PNC Party. What he carries is a self imposed insanity that breaks his heart like a first time lover.

Avoiding mainstream media is always safe as Bryan Kramer will be ridiculed right into his tight panties. He knows pretty well his oratory skills are far below his fake self made character just like an apple getting stuck in his throat.

He does not speak and write in that intellectual stream simply because he has a low political exposure. Bryan Kramer is a sick dog who continuously carries a curse. Wherever he gets involved he never wins.

The PNGRFL saga that he created by trying to hijack the chairmanship was one of the worst thing he did to rugby league in PNG. He installed himself and made decisions without proper care to administer only for the courts to throw him out.

In Madang he secretly engaged in a land grab on the Madang Rugby league Oval. Brian stole Madang Rugby League land and PNGRFL had to go to court to secure the oval. As a consequence he is totally barred from entering any fixtures and is permanently banned from PNGRFL properties and sanctioned matches.

This is a serous known criminal who operates for the want of his personal satisfaction at any cost. His criminal activities have also placed him in jail.

This is a fake character who was jailed already and cannot have the decency to be seen as a fit and proper person. His quest to steal Madang Rugby League oval clearly captured the public who were shocked.

It is now totally pathetic for an idiot who does not contribute any ideas or policies, not even development concepts or financial support to the PNC Party to speak in that context.

Brian Kramer should concentrate on his election to win Madang Open - why is he in Cairns after witnessing a clear show of public support for the Madang MP who is also a PNC candidate.

Bryan Kramer almost bumped his ford ranger after seeing the massive convoy of trucks and people coming to demonstrate their support to the current Madang MP.

He goes to say he was rushing off to his office after forgetting something. This is sheer bullshit and we all know he was so traumatized after seeing the massive wild support for the current MP.

Bryan Kramer is a big conman. He is not qualified and uses plagiarized materials to promote himself. The fact that he avoids the mainstream media is that no journalist or media editor will allow his rubbish to be published.

He tried on many occasion but was rejected. The people of Madang are fully concerned about his character which befits a mentally retarded patient who is supposed to be in Laloki Mental Health Centre.

There has never been any positive promotion of how best he can improve the current development challenges or a matrix to address the current status of our economy . Instead it's all childish comments day in day out !

In Madang Brian Kramer has no business and is unemployed. He is hugely supported by his uncle Frank Kramer at all times. Frank Kramer is too kind so Brian Kramer takes full advantage of his ignorance.

Brian Kramer is not educated well like his party leader and intellectuals will easily see a very cheap leadership material trying all his best to no avail. The public in Madang asked him a question that he is having difficulty to answer .

Do you have a wife ? Do you have children ? Why are you driving around with young boys ?

It is not clear why he is not able to address those problems. If he has no wife and children then getting to Sam Basil raises a lot of question on his manhood.

The public of Madang are asking how will they connect to Brian Kramer when he has no family and especially a wife for them to be sure that he understands children and women better .

This also questions his ability on matters of gender equity and equality. A man with no wife , no children , no family , empty house full of young men. This is why Madang is unsure of his dignity.

This issues remain outstanding! He is heavily associated with those who are likely to be in the same boat. To this day Brian Kramer thinks he is a strategist .

The problem is that he has never managed a political party in his lifetime and lacks the experience to carry them forward. He ran a hugh night club called Club 69 in his life .

That club in Madang was closed due to public complaints. 'Club 69 - Bryan Kramer' . In many countries this name is synonymous with gays .

Brian Kramer ran this club and that is his experience . Club 69 was right above Best Buy formerly Steamship . Incase you do not know what Club 69 is please type on the internet and read and you will know what he was up to in his quest to become a leader .

That was his primary role more than leadership activities . Club 69 is also synonymous with a sexual position and Brian Kramer forgets that Madang is the home of first missionaries.

A lot of people watch him and remember his social intention to be very satanic. He disrespected families, mothers and all the daughters by indulging in that act . This is Brian Kramer the founder of Club 69.

He has no experience in public service or real life private sector . He has no real standing with the chamber of commerce and is not a member of any village or tribes in Madang .

His adopted parents have left for retirement in Cairns where he was born and he is totally, stranded and more confused . He is serving no purpose in Madang. Why because the moment he gets up to settle millions of Kina for the bill of cost for his court petition he will be forced to vacate properly .

Brian Kramer fails to appreciate the fact that PNC party is able to support candidates based on its ability . It is a huge organization and is in government as a ruling party. It is not a tucker box type organization . It is well structured and coordinated.

The matrix of fixing this country must be put forward by individuals like Brian Kramer so we can see how good he is in terms of championing his politics. Where is the blue print of bailing this nation and the focus of the future.

We need to see well structured exposure of how Pangu and Brian Kramer can manage this country . So far there is more political debris! Brian Kramer will run Pangu down .

Brian Kramer has no consultative skills and will not listen to anybody. Just like Sam Basil they are very arrogant. They are born and bred to be right all the time.

Pangu does not need them . They are opportunists. The Pangu executives are right to utilize the constitution. They are not fit and should be sacked. Even Brian Kramer cannot win Madang Open as he is in Pangu for some other reason and Pangu is just a scapegoat.

If you look at PNC and few party leaders they will be strong and can retain their respective seats . PNC is a big party and has sufficient resources to run its agendas. It has depth and experience also to stay above idiots like Brian Kramer .

Officials of PNC party are doing a great job. For Bryan Kramer to speak in that manner goes to show that his fears are just simply multiple and totally out of control. This is a party who is keen to improve its success rate and has been developing its party machineries. Its one of the biggest and will definitely be strong in the elections.

For Brian Kramer to stoop so low without due regards to individual privacy and party matters is clearly a sign of defeat . The best advice for now is please get a job and start acting like a real person. Brian Kramer will never get elected.

The current MP is too strong . All Bryan Kramer's little facebook pests don't have the money, resources and support to match the real Madang people. They will flee like injured rats when the declaration is made.

This nation must know that Brian Kramer is a national security risk . His complicated inabilities to tap into debates and issues without due regard and respect will definitely create problem if he is not contained.

He has no care and operates blindly threatening the leadership of this nation for the want of his personal gain.

People who operate like Brian Kramer are merely confused characters . They are far below the level of political terrorism and pose more greater risk in a thriving democracy like PNG.

Every men and woman have boundaries to operate . This is an individual who has no proper parenting and very sorry upbringing who is now dishing out his personal emotions through the social media.

He has no mandate to speak on public matters nor represent any majority . He has created too many fake accounts to support his own nonsense and always finds incompleteness in his satirical cartoon type fragmented endeavors.

The irony is Brian Kramer has a huge wish list than cannot be fulfilled. It is true and sad too!


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  5. Roman Dezento....what are you saying... you are repeating yourself over and over and over....

  6. Aww, which of the corrupt members paid you to write this? You must be so sad. All you can do is sit and judge Bryan Kramer, you can't do anything, you're powerless and sad. Difference between you and great leaders like Bryan is that you can be bought off, you become someone's little puppet at the flash of a hundred bucks. You hide behind a fake name and a fake account posting articles to tarnish his name. You are so sad. Please get a life, maybe you'll stop living with your parents if you have enough money.

  7. lol...thought the same thing. which corrupt member paid you to run your mouth all over this site? not even one ounce of truth in here. you cant even put one big fat crime against him. sounds like one grumpy old grandmother with a big mouth. get a life already

  8. Write something new of recent times in brief and counter attack them with facts. I almost slept thru reading this shit

  9. Bryan Kramer is the little peoples champion,,you should go back to you proclivity of stealing, corruption and defrauding the people of PNG. You are so comfortably enjoying the luxuries of Waigani with your crook friends. You will not enjoy the luxury forever, everything has its season, yours will end soon.

  10. Ol baim you gut ose na u pairap gut tu ose pop corn stp ��

  11. Why don't you call the guy, arrange a meeting and pour your heart out to him? I couldn't even finish reading this article...too many speculations and unsubstantiated facts... then again, your mediocrity is what separates lowlife authors like you from the legends.

  12. Brian Kramer is a heavenly sent gift from above. Roman Dezento, if you really want someone better than him, I can simply produce one of your choice with your mother and wife.

  13. Can't believe I just finished the whole paragraph of bull crap.

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  16. Romani Denzkok - you have weighed! you have been measured! and you you have been found wanting. Welcome to the real world where your opinions is just a speck of dust. This is our time - PNG 2019 and beyond!! PS: Great article tho.

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